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ကြိုဆိုပါ၏။ Welcome

Welcome to ဇင်ယော် Zinyaw. This is my first post and I use Padauk True Type font for both Burmese and English.

Padauk ver 2.4 TT meets fully , truly to latest Unicode 5.1 encoding and has Graphite table as well.Graphite is far more superior than Microsoft’s Uniscribe engine. Firefox ver 3 fully supports graphite fonts. So far other fonts – Myanmar 3 (variants) and Parabaik Sans meet Unicode 5.1 encoding. Writing in all blogs needs no tweaking with true Unicode font.. Just like typing in with English one.

Do NOT worry about visitors unable to read Burmese characters. All tools are available thru the side  of this blog under Burmese langauage and all they is need is have standard Burmese Unicode font and nowadays they are smarter surfers than you think.

MyMyanmar, Zawgyi, BIT, Ponnya, Mandalay, Myazedi,etc are still psuedo, private fonts and should not associate with Unicode word .

This ia a PLACE where one can get accurate information about Burmese Unicode font developments.

ဤဘလောက်ကို ပိတောက်ဖေါင့်   ဖြင့်ရေးထားပါသည်။


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